To us, our business is an integral part of the political, social and economic community of South Africa and we are committed to sustainable transformation as part of our
business strategy.

Comair falls under the Domestic Aviation Sector code and is currently a level
3 B-BBEE contributor.

Our B-BBEE scorecard consists of: ownership, management control, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development.

Our five year (2016 – 2021) Employment Equity (EE) Plan complies with the requirements of the EE Act and outlines all numerical and non-numerical goals to be achieved over the five year period.

The Board's Social and Ethics Committee improves management and oversight of EE within the company.

Affirmative Action Strategies

Comair is implementing affirmative action measures which form part of the EE Plan. These strategies will lead to the achievement of improved equitable representation of previously disadvantaged groups on all occupational levels:

  • Workforce and Succession Planning in areas and positions at specialist, scarce skills, senior management and executive level.
  • Recruitment and Selection to appoint suitable, qualified persons in areas and positions under-represented by candidates from previously disadvantaged groups.
  • Job Evaluation and Grading to ensure improved transparency.

  • Entry Level Barriers and Transformational Opportunities. In line with industry requirements and affordability, we identify and attempt to eradicate non-regularity entry level requirements.
  • An Electronic EE Monitoring System has been implemented to track the EE profile and the company's progress towards achieving its employment equity goals and targets.