Strategic Intent

Comair's Group Objectives are:

Shareholder Value

  • Optimise operating efficiencies and grow the profitability of the business
  • Make investments that will provide incremental growth based on sound investment principles

Managing Risk

  • Ensure that its risks are meticulously managed
  • Adopt a proactive approach to ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative change

Commitment to Quality

  • Strive to be trusted by all our stakeholders
  • Provide a safe, secure and reliable service
  • Strive to improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Position the company as an airline and travel partner of choice

Leading as a Responsible Corporate Citizen

Comair is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner and upholding high standards of ethics and corporate governance practices.

Providing Growth and Development Opportunities for Employees

  • Maintain a corporate culture that provides a good working environment as well as training and skills development opportunities that will assist in attracting and retaining a talented workforce
  • Strive to be an employer of choice, recognising that market competition for competent resources is increasing

Operating Effectiveness

  • Develop core competencies across its operating environment
  • Look for cost saving initiatives as well as look for opportunities to create synergies over its existing and future operations

Strategic Intent

The Comair Cycle of Success is an indication of Comair's Strategic Intent and covers its purpose, business model, vision as well as the action pillars that underpin its core values.

Download the Comair Cycle of Success pdf here

Our Purpose

Comair’s purpose ‘We Lift You Up’, drives as an aspiration to lift people up in an inspiring, empowering, passionate and innovative way, to render a positive impact in the world.

Believing that:

  • By lifting myself up,
  • I can lift my colleagues up,
  • To lift our customers up,
  • To lift investors up,
  • To lift nations up,
  • To lift the world up,
  • To lift myself up.

Our Business Model

The business model is not unique to Comair or the airline industry. The challenge lies in making sure we follow the circle in the right direction. With the right people and the right equipment, we can deliver an awesome service to our customers, who in turn will contribute to making a profit.

Making a profit will ensure we keep our existing investors and also attract new investors, which in turn will assist Comair in funding our growth and ultimately ensures a sustainable business.

Our Vision

Our vision to 'deliver an awesome travel experience in the most efficient way' is our aspiration and serves as a clear guide for our actions.

Our Values

The values we uphold in everything we do:
Innovation We have a professional approach to everything we do or presents and is committed to consistent high standards. We are committed to offering world class products and services in the most efficient way. Comair stays up to date with current trends and we do relate and communicate to the general public, customers, investors and employees.
Leadership Comair is a well led and managed South African company. We lead by example and represent courage and humility. We behave in a responsible way towards the public, customers, investors and employees.


Safety and security underpins everything we do. Comair represents poise and reassurance and is trusted by the public, customers, investors and employees.

Passion for Service

Comair is committed to operational efficiency and value. We understand and anticipate the needs of our customers, investors and employees.