kulula.com to pay royal lobola on behalf of Prince Wills

Valentine’s Day, February 2011, Jo’burg Low fare airline kulula.com is providing a uniquely South African twist to the UK royal wedding by delivering a herd of cows  to Buckingham Palace. For every flight booked from 14 February to 28 April, kulula will make a contribution to the cost of a herd fit for a royal lobola. The move by kulula is made as a gesture of über-ubuntu on behalf of all South Africans as proud members of the Commonwealth. An advertising campaign has been launched to encourage local flyers to make a contribution when booking air tickets.

Lobola (for those not in the know) is a Southern African tradition in which a man makes a symbolic payment, traditionally of cows, for the hand of his betrothed. The tradition is designed to bring the families of the couple together, encourage mutual respect, and ensure that the man is capable of supporting his wife financially and emotionally.

“Wills has been a big fan of South Africa and we’re big fans of him and his bride-to-be. With all there is to arrange (not to mention all that Polo to play) he probably hasn’t considered fully the benefits of the lobola tradition. We’re more than happy, alongside our kulula fans, to be sending him the finest cows we can get our hands on in order to make their happy day even more special,” said Nadine Damen, Marketing Manager at kulula.

The cows will be sourced locally in the UK (to avoid shipping our local cows to an uncomfortably chilly climate and save on carbon emissions) following their acceptance by Kate’s family. In order to calculate an appropriate bride price, kulula is inviting South Africans to register on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/iflykulula, their opinion on the size of the herd that would make a suitable lobola.

The airline also has ‘Special Romantic Royal Wedding Lobola Nice Flights’ flight specials on offer in a bid to coax the royal couple down to South Africa for their honeymoon and to allow local lovebirds to also take flight (without having to sell any wedding presents).

“Let’s face, it weddings are expensive and times are still tough. With all the royal pomp the Brits demand, we’re sure the royal couple will be looking for some cheap, but lovely, deals in a warm climate to get over the whole thing,” added Damen.

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About kulula.com

For a decade, South Africa’s first low-fare airline, kulula (meaning ‘easily’ in Zulu), has pioneered a new way of flying, making it affordable for anyone to fly. Owned by Comair Limited, the 65-year-old JSE-listed aviation company,kulula is proud to be the only independent low-fare South African airline accredited with IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), the common global safety benchmark that enforces rigorous airline safety standards.

kulula has been rolling out its fleet upgrade plan from 2010, which includes Boeing 737-800s (186 seats) and operates over 396 flights a week with 16 domestic routes, including five regional destinations.

For more information about kulula and its various offerings, including ‘jetsetters’ (SA’s first low-farecarrier reward club), affordable holiday packages, the kulula mobi site and online check-in service, visit www.kulula.com. Become a kulula fan at www.facebook.com/iflykulula

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