Flight BA 6203 incident at Durban International Airport

Johannesburg - Wednesday 18 June 2008. A British Airways flight BA6203 (operated by Comair) flying from Johannesburg to Durban encountered extremely bad weather upon landing in Durban earlier today. The aircraft hit a wet patch on the runway and skidded resulting in one of the wheels ending up off the runway as the plane was brought to a stop.

There were 87 passengers and 6 crew on board the Boeing 737-300 and no-one was injured. Passengers and crew have disembarked and are being debriefed by the flight crew and have been offered Lifeline counselling. Most passengers have now left the airport and continued on their journey, even though road traffic has been gridlocked outside the airport due to the bad weather.

Initial assessments indicate that there is very minor damage to the aircraft. The incident is currently being investigated and the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been notified.

Durban airport had been closed earlier this morning due to the poor weather but had been reopened to allow aircraft to land. The airport has since been closed again while the aircraft is being removed from the runway.

Further updates will follow later today.