Comair cracks baggage pilferage

Johannesburg – 9 February 2007.  Comair Limited (Comair) released statistics that reflected an impressively low rate of baggage pilferage on its two airlines, and British Airways.

Lexi Parolis, Comair’s Executive Manager of Airports said, “This is a recurrent problem in our industry but we’ve made a concerted effort in this arena and believe we’ve cracked baggage pilferage within our business.”

Comair carried in excess of  250 000  bags per month towards the end of last year, and during this period an average of only 0.02% of bags carried on the airline’s two brands were pilfered (September: 0.025%, October: 0.015%, November: 0.03%) The airline believes this to be the lowest rate in South Africa and is working towards bringing the figure down even lower.

Parolis attributes this success to the airline’s proactive approach to preventing pilferage. “While the airports have a role to play in preventing pilferage, we have also taken responsibility by increasing our surveillance and recruiting effective customer service agents who constantly remind our customers not to leave valuable items in their checked baggage,” she said.

Comair also notes its successful partnership with its ground handling company; Commuter Handling Services (CHS) as a contributor to this breakthrough. Parolis concludes, “Comair is built on strategic partnerships and our relationship with CHS is one that has proven its mettle in this vital part of our business. We look forward to a continued relationship with them.”