Comair, Amadeus decide on way forward

Johannesburg – Monday 16 February 2009. Comair Limited (Comair), the JSE-listed aviation company which operates British Airways Domestic and Regional has failed to reach an agreement with global distribution service (GDS) provider Amadeus on a principle contract issue in order to mitigate the matter of excessive charges levied by Amadeus which are up to 50% above industry average.

Over the past four months talks between the two companies have yielded little by way of resolution. Comair has decided to continue to provide its full inventory on Amadeus’ systems in order to not prejudice its important business received via travel agents, but will however be including a 4USD surcharge per sector booked in fares quoted on Amadeus’ systems to recoup the difference in its average costs charged by other GDSs. This surcharge will be effective from 15 March 2009.

Iain Meaker, Comair’s Executive Manager: Distribution advises that, “it is within travel agents’ best interests to now take up the issue of high service charges with Amadeus directly.”

Comair remains committed to a working relationship with Amadeus and looks forward to possibly utilising other services provided by Amadeus, particularly central reservation and departure control systems as well as other enhanced systems that may become available in the future.