Career Opportunities

Comair offers a variety of job opportunities to candidates aspiring to join our Comair family. These include roles specific to the aviation sector as well as positions in hospitality, catering, travel, logistics, and business support.

Careers in the Air

Are you passionate about all things aviation? Do you believe that you have what it takes to join our Comair Family? At Comair, opportunities exist for you to join us as a pilot or a cabin attendant. As a pilot and/or cabin attendant you would be required to apply your specialist knowledge and training to operate an aircraft safely and efficiently, provide exceptional customer service and to instil confidence in our passengers.

Careers on the Ground

Along with the opportunity to join us on board our aircraft, there are also a number of career prospects on the Ground. These include positions based at the airport as Customer Service Agents, in our Travel Business as Corporate Reservation Agents, in our Contact Centre as Contact Centre Agents or at our Flight Operations division.

Business Support

In order to support our colleagues to provide an awesome travel experience in the most efficient way, Comair also has a number of shared departments which provide business support services. These include opportunities for you at Head Office in IT, Marketing, Finance, HR, Legal, and other related departments.

Your recruitment journey

The selection process is dynamic in nature and would be tailored to the relevant role being recruited for. In most instances you would encounter a combination of the following selection tools: a competency based interview, psychometric assessments, a skills proficiency test, and a situational assessment (e.g. role play). The results of which give the recruiting manager a holistic view of you as a candidate and assist in making an informed hiring decision.