SLOW isn't about doing things slowly, its about finding the right pace. The SLOW brand represents a calming environment, it is reassuring, self-assured, and quietly efficient. It has a contemporary outlook, an understated confidence, and is practical and down-to-earth. SLOW customers can expect an environment that helps them get time back on their terms

SLOW Lounges

The lounge for extremely busy people

The SLOW Lounge concept was created with the aim of giving travellers a valuable and enjoyable 'moment in time' between checking in and boarding. Created as a destination and not a mere pre-flight waiting room – it offers a quiet space where the chaos of the airport and stress of travelling can be left behind for a little while. SLOW Lounge access is available to qualifying British Airways passengers as well as qualifying FNB and RMB Private Bank clients.

"Welcome to a calmer world, a place to celebrate pleasure over pressure, quality over quantity, mindfulness over mindlessness, SLOW Lounge is the equivalent of a long deep breath"

SLOW in the City

Time and space for extremely busy people

SLOW in the City is a natural extension of our airport SLOW Lounges. This is a highly exclusive business lounge located at the Gautrain Station in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg. It provides a place where people can meet, work and do business enjoyably and productively outside of their office.

SLOW in the City offers a unique and exclusive benefit to British Airways Executive Club members as well as FNB and RMB Private Banking clients.