Regulatory and Industry Bodies

The airline industry is subject to extensive government and regulatory oversight relating to safety, security, licensing and consumer protection. We interact with or are a member of the following regulatory or industry bodies:

Department of Transport (DOT)

Comair interacts with the DOT who provides secretarial support to the two licensing councils to ensure entity oversight of ATNS, ACSA and the SACAA; conduct bilateral air service negotiations with foreign governments; and manage aviation industry involvement in major events.

Air Services Licensing
Council (ASLC)

The ASLC is responsible for adjudicating complaints of non-compliance with the Air Services Licensing Act and for issuing air services licences to new applicants, ensuring the safety and reliability of air services operated within South Africa.

Comair holds a Class I and Class II Air Services Licence.

International Air
Services Council (IASC)

International air services operated by South African carriers, between South Africa and other countries, remain regulated with respect to destination, frequency and capacity.

The IASC is responsible for issuing licences to South African operators wishing to operate air services to regional and international destinations.

South African Civil
Aviation Authority (SACAA)

Safety is Comair's number one priority. We interact and co-operate on a regular basis with the SACAA to ensure that the company maintains and in some areas exceeds the safety and security standards required by the SACAA.

The SACAA is responsible for controlling and regulating civil aviation safety and security in South Africa.

Airlines Association of South Africa (AASA)

AASA promotes and protects the interests of its member airlines operating within southern Africa. We believe that the association is vital in ensuring a healthy and commercially successful airline sector in this region.

Airports Company of
South Africa (ACSA)

Most of the large airports in South Africa are owned and operated by ACSA whom we continuously interact with regarding their operations and services.

National Consumer
Commission (NCC)

The NCC was formed with the aim of enforcing the Consumer Protection Act. We co-operate with the commission by providing prompt responses to all consumer complaints referred to the NCC as well as participate in the conciliation proceedings. However, almost all consumer complaints are dealt with directly between Comair and the consumer.

The International Air
Transport Association (IATA)

IATA promotes safe, reliable, secure and economic air services and fostering inter-airline co-operation. The association operates the airline clearing house in Geneva which processes and allocates financial credits and debits between member airlines as well as administering the IOSA airline safety audit scheme.

We maintain our IATA membership by participating in the clearing house and undergoing a bi-annual IOSA safety audit.

Air Traffic and Navigation
Services Company (ATNS)

ATNS provides air traffic and navigation services in South Africa whom we regularly interact and maintain a good
relationship with.