Comair Training Centre

The Comair Training Centre was established in 2001 as a flight training academy providing world class flight deck - and cabin crew as well as flight operations training. In its quest for autonomy, efficiency, productivity and lower training costs, Comair expanded its training capabilities to maximise the use of its own facilities.

With its modern facilities, located adjacent to O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Comair Training Centre has a primary function; to satisfy the training needs of not only its own, but also those of external local and international flight deck- (pilots) and cabin crew, operating the Boeing 737 ‘classic’ series as well as the MD-80 series aircraft.

The Comair Training Centre offers world-class training facilities, dedicated training personnel, audio-visual aids, high standard equipment and simulators as well as part-task trainers for in-depth theoretical and practical training testing and evaluation. It provides a service to external clients requiring a turnkey training solution or alternatively elements of our training packages designed primarily around the Boeing B737-2/3/4/5/800 and MD-80 series aircraft.

The Comair Training Centre, in association with the Boeing Aircraft Company, maintain the highest possible standards of airline operations. We believe that efficient training is the key element to flight deck and cabin crew proficiency thereby contributing directly to safety.

Well-trained pilots and cabin crew are able to perform safely, efficiently and cost-effectively while achieving the highest level of safety in the operation of the Boeing 737-2/3/4/500 and MD-80 series aircraft.

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Why should I choose the Comair Training Centre as my training academy?

  • The culture of aviation safety is instilled from the start, to create an industry where safety and security is top priority. There is no compromise on safety and security in Comair Training Centre’s training regime.
  • Students are trained by seasoned aviation experts and trainers in the aviation industry, and are assessed by designated examiners from around the world.
  • The facilities are designed and developed to enhance a positive learning experience.
  • The training facilities are equipped with the most sophisticated simulation technology in the market to meet international practical training standards.
  • Courses can be adapted to meet client’s specific requirements. Should operational constraints prohibit travel to our facilities and if feasible, arrangements can be made for the Comair Training Centre’s instructors to present this programme at the client’s training facilities.